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Why Getting Emergency Water Can Save Your Tour

A person can last weeks without food but only days without water. This fact promotes the ability to find potable water to the most important survival skill you can learn.

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Some symptoms of dehydration are physical and emotional weakness accompanied by impaired judgment. Dehydration is the most critical obstacle associated with extreme survival situations. It weakens then kills. Lack of water also impairs your body’s ability to keep warm, or cool. Drink plenty of water when it is available and when it’s not avoid eating too much food.

Water can be a breeding ground for harmful organisms that could make you sick or worse. It can also contain chemical contaminants which can have a variety of ill effects. If at all possible purify and filter your water before drinking it.

Any water source that is known to be contaminated with a toxic chemical, or biological contaminate should be avoided. If you have to drink from this type of contaminated water source, find any way you can to purify and filter it. Boiling will kill most organisms but is not so effective with toxins.

If you do not have a way to collect water easily, improvise by using plastic, cloth, paper, etc. A straw will help to extract water from crevices in rocks and trees and cloth rags can be used for absorbing water & condensation. For catching rain water and condensation a tarp or plastic sheet is an invaluable.

If you are near a salt water source a fire can be used to get fresh water from the salt water. Heat up some rocks with a fire then drop the rocks in the hole and slowly pour the salt water on them. Use a tarp to catch and collect the steam then channel the condensate into a container.

Collecting condensate from the air is a great way to get clean drinking water, but it will takes a long time. Building a water still using a large tarp can help to collect considerable amounts of water from condensation. Blankets and clothing can be used to absorb moister. Then wring them out or suck on it to remove the water.

Areas Where You can collect water are:

  • Low lying areas
  • River beds
  • Depressions cracks and holes in rocks
  • Areas of where the vegetation is unusually green

Final Thoughts

If you’re faced with dehydration and no immediate means to purify or filter your water source, then drink it; it is better to take a chance on contaminated water, than to die of dehydration. Lack of water will impair your judgment, and your will to survive.


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Try These Simple Tips To Diminish Bloated Face

Most people including fitness trainers will just simply tell you to lose weight, face fat can be reduced by losing your overall body weight, this is true, but this approach is much more difficult than one would expect especially if you have a low body weight percentage. In this case, it can be very unhealthy.

Your genetics play a key roll. The location for where your fat is stored through calorie intake is highly depended on your genes, so different people can store fat at different places. For those with a fat face, this assumes that the fat from their calorie intake is stored more frequently on their face.

This is why the process to lose facial fat can be a very tricky task, and thus I am dedicating this blog for the purpose of addressing various approaches to this problem.

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Do You Have A Fat Face But a Skinny Body?

Most people who are looking to lose face fat are not overweight at all they tend to keep themselves very healthy, but due to their genes any weight that they gain would go straight to their face.

People Pay for Liposuction Because They Thought It’s The Only Option

They then thought the only option was to spend over thousands of dollars on liposuction and other cosmetic surgeries just to lose fat from their face. But lucky you don’t have to, because now you know of a better alternative.

There Is An Alternative, This Is Facial Exercises

Ask yourself before deciding to go to a surgeon, have you tried every other possible option to lose weight from your face? Have you been successful in achieving a lean and well sculpted facial structure? If the answer is no, you must definitely try facial exercises, simply because of these following reasons:

  • Doing the best face exercises and consistently enough can have you seeing results in 4 weeks. There’s no need to get out of your house to go to a clinic or hospital to see a surgeon
  • Don’t need to go through the task of booking appointments, and look for health advice
  • You can perform exercises for your face anywhere, such as while waiting in a car, on a bus, or while watching TV It only takes about 14 minutes per day, maximum of about 20 minutes. This leaves you with plenty of time to get on with your day, no need to spend hours or days in an operation room.
  • It’s most healthiest way to lose face fat, because there are no risks involved


A lot of people may still doubt if face exercises really do work and quite often they would go on to say that spot reduction is impossible as you can not target a specific area of your body to lose weight so in order to lose weight from your face you need to lose your overall body weight.

Of course this is true, and if you are overweight, then you should lose body fat in order to reduce your face fat. However, there are people who can have a fat face but a skinny body, in their case trying to slim down their body weight in hopes of losing face fat can be very unhealthy.

Face exercises is the best way to lose weight off your face. Furthermore it has been proven to work by many thousands of people already. The most important thing you need to do is getting the right exercise techniques and being consistent with your exercises.


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