Finding A Good In Home Personal Trainer

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Getting in shape can be difficult to say the least. In a world that emphasizes a sedentary lifestyle and quick, easy, and (above all else) fatty foods, the simple act of not gaining weight can become a daily struggle.

The only way to control one’s shape is the sustained combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise. Finding the time and motivation to do the latter, however, is difficult for many.

home personal trainer

Regardless of time or budget, many find going to the gym to be unpleasant. Be it because of the time and distance necessary for travel, the awkwardness of working out in front of strangers, or simply the lack of motivation to take that sort of time out of one’s day, there are a plethora of reasons or excuses for avoiding the gym.

Many attempt to make use of a gym’s personal trainer to aid in their motivation, but travel and shyness can once again make this option unappealing for many. A possible solution for those who want an aid to motivation but privacy at the same time is an in home personal trainer.

Who’s is a Home Personal Trainer and What’s their Job?

A home personal trainer is, as one might expect, a personal trainer that works with clients at their own home. Eschewing visible workouts or crowded gyms, having a personal trainer at home allows for highly personalized workouts and motivation without travel. These professionals may be an ideal solution for those who own their own fitness equipment or who simply do not want to bring themselves to exercise with others.

A trainer generally does not require the purchase of additional equipment or the investment of money beyond the hourly rate they charge, and will make a strong attempt to provide a workout regimen that makes use of the client’s existing equipment or does not include equipment in the program at all. The trainer will, however, seek to provide motivation and enact serious lifestyle changes. By recommending (and monitoring) new workouts while also seeking to encourage better overall health and diet, a home personal trainer can allow a client to experience a total overhaul in their health and body image over the course of their employment.

This is not to say there are not downsides to traditional home personal trainers. For one, these professionals tend to be quite expensive, and often outside of the spending range of many potential clients. The reasons are clear and quite reasonable – the extra charge is for the client’s convenience and the significant expenditure of the trainer’s time. An in home trainer is often quite different from a gym’s professional, spending a great deal more time and effort to help the person that chose them. Trainers in general may also not be for all clients simply because of the rather extreme commitments that must be made.

A trainer’s job is to provide motivation, and will often require a great deal of personal contact. Trainers will also be privy to a client’s workout routines – something that may still be a problem for those too timid to go to the gym. So for those that want the support of the trainer but not the physical presence or cost, another solution must be found.

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One such solution is My Home Personal Trainer, a free online workout and diet plan. The program uses metrics rather than a human being to provide motivation – a combination of detailed workout plans, e-mail contacts, food diaries, and various other recording tools give a client everything they need to motivate themselves.

There is no mandatory personal connection with this program – trainers are available for hire and for phone consultation, but the tools are all electronic. This decreases the cost significantly (as stated, the program is free) but still allows for a great degree of customization. All potential clients are given an initial screening to find out what their current health and lifestyle is like, and the program is then customized to their schedule to get results.

While the program can produce positive results for many, it does have at least one potential major drawback: motivation. Metrics and contact aside, the program still requires the user to be motivated to work out.

As no money is spent, many may find it easy to stop using the online system if their life goes through a hectic period for example. There is generally no human being to provide moral support or to try to force a client in to just one more set or circuit – the system is entirely dependent on the client’s own level of motivation. For those that simply cannot find the motivation to work out on their own, this system may not be a good fit.

Final Words

Having a personal trainer can be a great benefit to many. By providing extra motivation, the trainer can help a client get in to shape and stay that way.

Having an in home professional is great for those who really don’t want to work out in public for whatever reason, but it can come at a significant cost. For those with limited funds but a good deal of personal motivation, My Home Personal Trainer can be a great resource.

In either case, use of outside support can often be the key to better personal fitness.

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