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Why Getting Emergency Water Can Save Your Tour

A person can last weeks without food but only days without water. This fact promotes the ability to find potable water to the most important survival skill you can learn.

water bottle for camping

Some symptoms of dehydration are physical and emotional weakness accompanied by impaired judgment. Dehydration is the most critical obstacle associated with extreme survival situations. It weakens then kills. Lack of water also impairs your body’s ability to keep warm, or cool. Drink plenty of water when it is available and when it’s not avoid eating too much food.

Water can be a breeding ground for harmful organisms that could make you sick or worse. It can also contain chemical contaminants which can have a variety of ill effects. If at all possible purify and filter your water before drinking it.

Any water source that is known to be contaminated with a toxic chemical, or biological contaminate should be avoided. If you have to drink from this type of contaminated water source, find any way you can to purify and filter it. Boiling will kill most organisms but is not so effective with toxins.

If you do not have a way to collect water easily, improvise by using plastic, cloth, paper, etc. A straw will help to extract water from crevices in rocks and trees and cloth rags can be used for absorbing water & condensation. For catching rain water and condensation a tarp or plastic sheet is an invaluable.

If you are near a salt water source a fire can be used to get fresh water from the salt water. Heat up some rocks with a fire then drop the rocks in the hole and slowly pour the salt water on them. Use a tarp to catch and collect the steam then channel the condensate into a container.

Collecting condensate from the air is a great way to get clean drinking water, but it will takes a long time. Building a water still using a large tarp can help to collect considerable amounts of water from condensation. Blankets and clothing can be used to absorb moister. Then wring them out or suck on it to remove the water.

Areas Where You can collect water are:

  • Low lying areas
  • River beds
  • Depressions cracks and holes in rocks
  • Areas of where the vegetation is unusually green

Final Thoughts

If you’re faced with dehydration and no immediate means to purify or filter your water source, then drink it; it is better to take a chance on contaminated water, than to die of dehydration. Lack of water will impair your judgment, and your will to survive.


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Weber Outdoor Grill: The Camp-Out Ideal

Some people make a pilgrimage to the great outdoors each summer and spend some nights there with their family and friends. Aside from the countryside greenery and backwoods, an exciting thing about camping out is cooking food on live fire. And for this, there are several Weber outdoor grill options.


Of course, a Weber outdoor grill set using charcoals is a first option here. And this is no ordinary charcoal grill. It has complete features that make grilling food outdoors a great convenience and fun. Weber outdoor grill sets come with complete grill accessories for a simpler grilling procedure even teenagers can do.

Weber outdoor grill sets are equipped with a charcoal bag holder, tool holders, flavoring jar holders, tray, enough cooking and grilling area, and burners. They are easy to assemble and disassemble and fitted with leg stands and wheels for easy moving. The Weber outdoor grill rack is also fitted with small openings to make charcoal reinforcement a lot easier.

Weber outdoor grill carts are of coated and polished steel, cast iron, and stainless steel. The frames are joint together with sturdy welded parts so that each Weber outdoor grill body is firm and stable. The burners are of stainless steel and the grill top which also serves as work area is steel top covered with polished porcelain finish.

Weber outdoor grill sets come in different sizes, designs, and color. Worthy of special mention is the charcoal bag holder which keeps the unused charcoal dry even in rainy weather. Moreover, the charcoal holder keeps the work and grill area clear of unwanted charcoal pieces and charcoal mess. The glossy grill top makes cleaning quite easy and fast so that any dirt or mess can be quickly wiped off.

For mountaineers contemplating on a grill party atop hills or on mountainsides, the Weber outdoor grill model called Smokey Mountain Charcoal Grill is ideal. After a hike on hills or mountains this portable and easy to set up Weber outdoor grill is easy to set up and put to work with crackling live charcoals. This model is also a perfect companion in hunting or fishing trips where a live catch can be prepared and grilled fresh straight from the wilds. That’s super healthy, too.

Weber outdoor grill parts are easy to find in shops and hardware stores in case a replacement is necessary, but Weber outdoor grill sets are built to withstand the elements and usual conditions found outdoors. They are durable grill sets.

Simplest Way to Make Your Hiking Checklist

Preparation is always a very vital part of any kind of activity that you may do. Before going to school or work in the morning, you do your daily regimen. That may include a cup of coffee, a good breakfast or a few minutes jog in the neighborhood. The same is very much true when you plan to trek somewhere. You need to set up your hiking checklist.

hiking checklist

Here are some of the things which you need to put in that backpack of yours. Let us start with the most important.

Let some know: You should have a detailed timetable for your hike. Write a copy of your scheduled trek for the week or the weekend and leave that at home, with a family member or a friend. If something happens to you, rescue teams will know where to find you.

Bring Tent with You: If you know that you will be staying in the vicinity overnight (or for a few more nights), you should definitely bring tenting provisions. This includes a sturdy tent, high quality sleeping bag and pad and maybe an extra blanket, if you know that the area can get pretty cold. Remember that your knapsack or backpack should be able to carry these all.

Bring Food as well: You will need to bring these for sustenance and energy. A very good example in this case is energy or protein bars. Besides these, you will need some stuffs to prepare food in open, for that you would need a portable gas grill, a mess kit, a small GI opener and a water bottle.

Care of Feet: People who plan to trek consider this as one of the most important part of their hiking checklist. Even if you will just be hiking around for one whole morning, you will still need these things. Start off with a solid pair of boots then buy the rest.

Medical equipment: Expect the unexpected and the worst possible thing to happen – and then get ready for that. You really do not want to nurse an infection, an allergic reaction or asthma while trekking the trail or camping in an area you are not too familiar with. Therefore, you should have the necessary provisions to ensure that you can deal with any possibilities.

You do not really have to be the man versus wild that you’d watch on Discovery channel. However, you should bring some of the things that he has too. He was able to survive with a knife and a fire starter so you should have that too. Bring your mobile phone, a radio or a GPS tracker as well.

Guide books, reading materials, binoculars, camera, hiking poles and even bear repellents are all under this category. Again, if you have space in your bag, you can bring these things too.


Hiking checklists are made available in various online shops nowadays. However, it would still be best if you ask somebody who has been in the trail that you are planning to follow and visit. They will know the things which you specifically need for that particular trip. Interviewing them will definitely work better for you.

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Finding A Good In Home Personal Trainer

Getting in shape can be difficult to say the least. In a world that emphasizes a sedentary lifestyle and quick, easy, and (above all else) fatty foods, the simple act of not gaining weight can become a daily struggle.

The only way to control one’s shape is the sustained combination of a healthy diet and regular exercise. Finding the time and motivation to do the latter, however, is difficult for many.

home personal trainer

Regardless of time or budget, many find going to the gym to be unpleasant. Be it because of the time and distance necessary for travel, the awkwardness of working out in front of strangers, or simply the lack of motivation to take that sort of time out of one’s day, there are a plethora of reasons or excuses for avoiding the gym.

Many attempt to make use of a gym’s personal trainer to aid in their motivation, but travel and shyness can once again make this option unappealing for many. A possible solution for those who want an aid to motivation but privacy at the same time is an in home personal trainer.

Who’s is a Home Personal Trainer and What’s their Job?

A home personal trainer is, as one might expect, a personal trainer that works with clients at their own home. Eschewing visible workouts or crowded gyms, having a personal trainer at home allows for highly personalized workouts and motivation without travel. These professionals may be an ideal solution for those who own their own fitness equipment or who simply do not want to bring themselves to exercise with others.

A trainer generally does not require the purchase of additional equipment or the investment of money beyond the hourly rate they charge, and will make a strong attempt to provide a workout regimen that makes use of the client’s existing equipment or does not include equipment in the program at all. The trainer will, however, seek to provide motivation and enact serious lifestyle changes. By recommending (and monitoring) new workouts while also seeking to encourage better overall health and diet, a home personal trainer can allow a client to experience a total overhaul in their health and body image over the course of their employment.

This is not to say there are not downsides to traditional home personal trainers. For one, these professionals tend to be quite expensive, and often outside of the spending range of many potential clients. The reasons are clear and quite reasonable – the extra charge is for the client’s convenience and the significant expenditure of the trainer’s time. An in home trainer is often quite different from a gym’s professional, spending a great deal more time and effort to help the person that chose them. Trainers in general may also not be for all clients simply because of the rather extreme commitments that must be made.

A trainer’s job is to provide motivation, and will often require a great deal of personal contact. Trainers will also be privy to a client’s workout routines – something that may still be a problem for those too timid to go to the gym. So for those that want the support of the trainer but not the physical presence or cost, another solution must be found.

personal training

One such solution is My Home Personal Trainer, a free online workout and diet plan. The program uses metrics rather than a human being to provide motivation – a combination of detailed workout plans, e-mail contacts, food diaries, and various other recording tools give a client everything they need to motivate themselves.

There is no mandatory personal connection with this program – trainers are available for hire and for phone consultation, but the tools are all electronic. This decreases the cost significantly (as stated, the program is free) but still allows for a great degree of customization. All potential clients are given an initial screening to find out what their current health and lifestyle is like, and the program is then customized to their schedule to get results.

While the program can produce positive results for many, it does have at least one potential major drawback: motivation. Metrics and contact aside, the program still requires the user to be motivated to work out.

As no money is spent, many may find it easy to stop using the online system if their life goes through a hectic period for example. There is generally no human being to provide moral support or to try to force a client in to just one more set or circuit – the system is entirely dependent on the client’s own level of motivation. For those that simply cannot find the motivation to work out on their own, this system may not be a good fit.

Final Words

Having a personal trainer can be a great benefit to many. By providing extra motivation, the trainer can help a client get in to shape and stay that way.

Having an in home professional is great for those who really don’t want to work out in public for whatever reason, but it can come at a significant cost. For those with limited funds but a good deal of personal motivation, My Home Personal Trainer can be a great resource.

In either case, use of outside support can often be the key to better personal fitness.

Ever Wonder Which inflatable kayak manufacturer is the best?

Which inflatable kayak manufacturer is the best? That’s a hard question to answer. There are seventeen or more brand name inflatable kayak builders out there. That gives a lot of choice and sometimes too much choice may be confusing. On the other hand, you might be one of those who like to know what all their options are. One of them may catch your eye and inspire you to explore further.

Each manufacturer has a particular niche in kayak design. Their market may be general or specific, depending on what the customer is looking for. Most of them also manufacture inflatable canoes.

Each of these boat builders has a range of kayak sizes and designs which further extends a customer’s choice. Broadly speaking, the range falls into categories according to: length and width, height, unloaded weight and fully loaded weight; and then whether the boat has been designed for touring, fishing/hunting, general recreation or whitewater.

inflatable kayak

Which inflatable kayak manufacturer is the best?

Below are the main inflatable kayak makers. The list is as comprehensive as possible. However new boat builders come into business and it takes time for their name to be found on the internet.

Look at their mission statements to see if there is one which you particularly relate to. Nearly all of the manufacturers have a mission statement which describes what they are enthusiastic about in the boat building scene. Where necessary these statements have been abbreviated, but of course, the full version can be found on their websites.

Advanced Elements 

“It is our goal, at Advanced Elements, to develop new and unique paddle sports products that enhance our customers’ outdoor experience. Our focus is on designing and manufacturing ‘inflatable kayaks with cutting-edge technology’”.


Whether you want fully rigid, semi-rigid or inflatable kayaks, the same attention to detail goes into every product, the same build quality, the same up to date design concepts that got Bic Sport awarded another prestigious 2010 Etoile du Design for the YAKKAir 1.


Conquest Kayaks are a subsidiary for ‘Solutions for Sports, Inc based in Santa Barbara, California. A company specializing in a wide range of recreational watersports products for those looking to make the most out of a day at the beach or to enhance a once in a lifetime vacation.

Clear Blue Hawaii

They do one model, the Hanauma II, with clear viewing panels made either of polycarbonate glass (bullet proof) or PVC. They offer a lot of information about the technology used in making their kayaks.


“In a highly competitive global marketplace, many companies do not share the strong and sustained level of commitment that the Intex companies do to Quality, Service and Price.

During the manufacturing process, highly trained Intex employees continuously monitor a wide range of factors from the quality of raw materials, the calibration of the machines, the making and assembly of each product, product testing, and finally to the careful packaging of every item to ensure that our customers get the best possible product at the best possible price.”
They have a US Coastguard ID and are a member of NMMA.


We have spend lots of hours to create this list of best kayaks companies, and we hope everyone get the top-notch quality of products for themselves.

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Try These Simple Tips To Diminish Bloated Face

Most people including fitness trainers will just simply tell you to lose weight, face fat can be reduced by losing your overall body weight, this is true, but this approach is much more difficult than one would expect especially if you have a low body weight percentage. In this case, it can be very unhealthy.

Your genetics play a key roll. The location for where your fat is stored through calorie intake is highly depended on your genes, so different people can store fat at different places. For those with a fat face, this assumes that the fat from their calorie intake is stored more frequently on their face.

This is why the process to lose facial fat can be a very tricky task, and thus I am dedicating this blog for the purpose of addressing various approaches to this problem.

kim kardashian face shape

Do You Have A Fat Face But a Skinny Body?

Most people who are looking to lose face fat are not overweight at all they tend to keep themselves very healthy, but due to their genes any weight that they gain would go straight to their face.

People Pay for Liposuction Because They Thought It’s The Only Option

They then thought the only option was to spend over thousands of dollars on liposuction and other cosmetic surgeries just to lose fat from their face. But lucky you don’t have to, because now you know of a better alternative.

There Is An Alternative, This Is Facial Exercises

Ask yourself before deciding to go to a surgeon, have you tried every other possible option to lose weight from your face? Have you been successful in achieving a lean and well sculpted facial structure? If the answer is no, you must definitely try facial exercises, simply because of these following reasons:

  • Doing the best face exercises and consistently enough can have you seeing results in 4 weeks. There’s no need to get out of your house to go to a clinic or hospital to see a surgeon
  • Don’t need to go through the task of booking appointments, and look for health advice
  • You can perform exercises for your face anywhere, such as while waiting in a car, on a bus, or while watching TV It only takes about 14 minutes per day, maximum of about 20 minutes. This leaves you with plenty of time to get on with your day, no need to spend hours or days in an operation room.
  • It’s most healthiest way to lose face fat, because there are no risks involved


A lot of people may still doubt if face exercises really do work and quite often they would go on to say that spot reduction is impossible as you can not target a specific area of your body to lose weight so in order to lose weight from your face you need to lose your overall body weight.

Of course this is true, and if you are overweight, then you should lose body fat in order to reduce your face fat. However, there are people who can have a fat face but a skinny body, in their case trying to slim down their body weight in hopes of losing face fat can be very unhealthy.

Face exercises is the best way to lose weight off your face. Furthermore it has been proven to work by many thousands of people already. The most important thing you need to do is getting the right exercise techniques and being consistent with your exercises.


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